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Saturday 4 January 2014

New Year, New Blog.

It is now three years until the start of Hull's year as City of Culture. I am not a native of the city but both my parents, and their parents etc are and I have lived here for 35 years. I also married a native and both our children were born here so I feel I am qualified to write this blog.

My plan is to give 150 facts about Hull. That is about one a week until New Year 2017. It is really for me to become more knowledgeable about the city and if this adds something to others understanding through the blog I will be very pleased.

The idea germinated when I saw a video of 100 facts about Birmingham, another place I love. Coincidentally they are both cities that seem to get quite a bad press. Maybe that the accents of both areas have never really made it on a panel of national news readers!

If anybody has requests, ideas or other comments please feel free to get in touch. I may or may not publish them though!

The Coat of Arms of the City of Kingstown upon Hull.
Official blazon is azure three ducal coronets in pale Or.

The three crown motif is seen in the 15th Century and first recorded in 1612. Tradition says that it was adopted by  the local company of Merchant Adventurers that likened themselves to the 3 kings of Christmas story fame who wandered far and wide, in the pursuit of trade.

The more likely reason is the fact it was homage to Edward I, Edward Longshanks. It was he that took the small village of Wykeham-upon-Hull from the monks of Meux Abbey. He had seen the significance of its setting as a port and point of provision for his wars against the Scottish. Not too close that it could be attacked, and not to far so that it was easier to supply his armies. The official name of the city is Kingstown-upon-Hull. Edwards coat of Arms was three lions, Hence three crowns. There is a 13th Century seal of the City showing a seated King with a lion either side and one at his feet. The logo can bee seen all over the City, including the two Rugby League teams.

Hull Football Club.

Hull Kingston Rovers Rugby League Football Club.

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