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Monday 21 April 2014

Fact 15. Hull is famous for the 'pattie' and Bob Carvers chip shop.

Hull is home to Bob Carver Fish and Chip shop that started business over 125 years ago in 1888. This is the third Generation in the business and they have all been Bob. There are two further Bob's to come too. The business started with a stall at Hull's open market. It was a temporary stall that used coke stoves and had trestles and benches for the eating, with table cloths. It was a big tent as there were twenty waitresses! They moved from the market to their current location on Trinity House Lane. Since the business started they have been producing the 'pattie'. This is a made of mashed potato, sage and onion and usually deep fried. Bod Carver's how ever coat theirs in bread crumbs before frying. They don't seem to be sold any many other places and are often mistaken for fish cakes but there is definitely no fish in them. Carver's make them by hand.

Trinity House Lane shop with restaurant above.

Carver's have had a stall at the massive annual travelling Hull Fair in October since the the start of the 19th Century. They have occupied the same site on Walton Street since 1947. Since that time they do not produce fish at all at the Fair as they still use the four coke fires for the frying and they just could not keep up with the demand. It is just chips, pattie and mushy peas in any combination. They sell well over 2000 patties a day at the fair.

Hull Fair Daytime 2012 Bob Carvers
Carver's at the fair.

It takes about 12 or 14 hours to set up the stall. The coke fires are started using wood and take about 45 mins to get going properly. It is almost an institution that when at the fair you have to pay a visit to Carver's. The ten people working there are kept very busy during the night shift.

Carver's at night at the Fair.

In a recent poll to find Hull's favourite food the Pattie came second with 39% to the Yorkshire Pudding with 45%.

Bob Carvers Famous Pattie Peas and chips at Hull Fair
Pattie peas and chips at Hull fair.

If you have never tried a pattie it is something that is authentic Hull food. Try asking for them anywhere else in the country and nobody knows what you are talking about. Try telling them they are fish cakes with no fish!

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