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Wednesday 12 February 2014

Fact 5. England's smallest window.

The window, said to be England's smallest, can be found at the George Hotel, The Land of Green Ginger in Hull. The window is about 10" x 1" and is said to be the viewing port for the the boy to check out people before admitting them into the yard.

File:Englands Smallest Window Hull.jpg
England's smallest window, George Hotel, Hull.
Photo by Keith D.

The George Hotel is one of the oldest pubs in England too, and certainly one of the oldest buildings in Hull. It originated as an Elizabethan mansion that was once owned by the twice mayor of Hull, !546 and 1550, John Oversale. By 1680 it was a pub called 'Ye White Frere Hostel' which was a reference to the local White Friars. In 1683 Prince George of Denmark married Queen Anne and the pub was renamed 'The George '.

In the Victorian era it was a coaching Inn and also a venue for holding, property auctions, bankruptcy hearings, inquests and political meetings. It is said to be extremely heavily haunted with many unexplained smells, sounds of footsteps, feelings of another presence, lights and equipment being turned on and off and sighting of the 'Grey Lady' Ghost. However nobody has reported that they felt threatened by these events.

The coaching inn, The George Hotel, on the street 'Land of Green Ginger'.

The pub is found in the Old Town and is well worth a visit for it's really ale, great atmosphere and decor, not withstanding any ghosts that may appear!


  1. "`s really ale ..." ?? Not only is there a missing adjective, but "it`s means "it is". For "belonging to it", there`s no apostrophe. Sorry if this makes me appear pedantic, but there`s nothing wrong with getting it right.

  2. I find it exciting and historic, this george hotel in england. This is my dream place. England. :) Keep sharing and thank you.

  3. I think this window was also used to watch for the press gangs that came to the city for men for their ships. When they saw the press gangs the men would be warned about them.